iso 9001-2008 ISO 9001-2008 : #certificat FS 82787
Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of the standards for :
Printing, coating, rewinding – Plastic and paper for industrial material, packaging and other specialized applications.
CTPAT C-TPAT : Validation and training in food safety and transport logistics (link)
CWPCA CWPCA – ACMPC : Canadian Wood Pallet & Container Association (link)
fta Flexographic Technical Association : (link)
logo attfeq ATFFEQ : Technical Association of Québec Flexographic printing and packaging manufacturers (link, in french)
ici on recycle - Mise en oeuvre HERE WE RECYCLE : organization whose objectives are to promote, develop and foster reduction, reuse, recovery and recycling of container, packaging, materials or products and their valorization in a perspective of resource conversation. (link, in french)
CCT is proud to provide outsourced work services as well as it products to many North American manufacturers of industrial products amongst the most renowned.
Our executives, with over 40 years of experience in providing constant and innovativwe quality products and services, has set up mechanisms to encsure that every item we deliver is meticulously measured and produced exactly to meet expected spécifications. Our production employees and experienced management are constantly focused in respecting the unique requirements of each Customer in terms of quality and deadlines.